Sunday, June 11, 2006


June 11, 2006

It's Sunday. I slept in. Nothing out of the ordinary for my typical Sundays(other than the fact I'm in England). I woke up around noon looking for a bite to eat.

I walked around for a couple of hours around town looking for some more-or-less "traditional" English food. To my surprise, this is what's on most restaurant windows:

Anyway, I eventually found a nice place to eat called "Pitcher & Piano." Comfy, trendy place to have lunch. Which leads me to the restaurant experience. Which wasn't bad... it's just something I'm not accustom to (I'm a spoiled, lazy American you know). Apparently, around here, servers earn a wage... minimum I think. Unlike our servers in the US who make no substantial wage, but depend on tips to survive.

To make a long story short, I saw my waitress three times during my meal: When ordering, when receiving, and when paying. No problem. Again, I'm just so used to waitresses stopping by every five minutes in America.

Come to think of it, it was a bit refreshing. No interruptions or being pesky. I guess I'll just call on them as I need them. Great!

So, I walked the streets some more. Just getting a lay of the land, watching locals, vendors, etc.... Pretty much just wating for the Team SUMO dinner party.

I met up with Jim, Sarah, Jack and Lois and we all walked to Suzanne's house. She's preparing a dinner for us. We just have to walk thirty miles to get there (I'm exaggerating). We finally arrived, and I got to meet most of the SUMO team. Unfortunatley, they're not all pictured here.

Thanks again Suzanne (and the rest of the SUMOs for the gracious welcome).

As the night progressed, I got to eat some delicious, cucumber & salmon, chicken, duck, carrots, parsnips, and strawberries & ice cream. I was also introduced to Pimms (some alcoholic concotion with mint and cucumber in it). Pretty light and refreshing.

We were having too good a time, so I thought I'd crash the party. Apparently my contacts were completely ruining my eyeballs (due to my using some eyedrops that night that weren't contact lens solution) and they decided to let me know around 10pm.

I'm gonna keep it short (relative to this blog entry). Jim and Sarah took me to the hospital (which we immediately left due to a potential five hour wait.). They were then gracious enough to walk me home. And, yes... it was a million miles away. We were walking in the dark streets, and my eyeball was hanging out (not literally). Truly a dinner party to remember. Thanks again Jim and Sarah for helping me.

That's it for now.

Tune again for the further, overly-detailed adventures of Justin in Newcastle.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's up T-BONE Gammon?, greetings from Charlotte!

This is a really cool experience, I hope that you continue to have a "subtancial" time over there. Then you can say that you had a 99% good trip....hehe

Live the WORLD CUP, and cheer for ECUADOR

Take care Justin, and bring some goodies!


1:31 PM  
Anonymous Jason said...

"overly-detailed adventures of Justin" LOL!!
just wondering what you order to drink? do they offer iced tea- half sweet/half unsweet?

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Kim Hebert said...


I'm so glad you're getting such a warm welcome from everyone in Newcastle. Sorry about the bumps but you'll survive. Keep up the bloggin' We're all enjoying it back here!


1:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geez, Justin--you can't go anywhere w/out any drama, can you?! But I hope your eyes are ok. I like your posts, even if no one else is reading or replying to them. Keep spouting of endless gee whiz information, especially for those of us who've never gone further than Las Vegas. Looking forward to your 'wink-wink' blog...


5:28 PM  
Blogger Justin Gammon said...

Just testing this thing. I hear there are problems with it.

5:55 AM  
Blogger Bob Gammon said...

2:55 a.m. you still can't sleep?
I've left two other comments and it appears this Blog sucks.

8:47 AM  
Blogger Bob Gammon said...

Did yours eyes look like your picture on this blog? If they've gotten that big perhaps you look
like that character in the movie
"Top Secret".

9:43 AM  
Anonymous jason said...

"overly-detailed adventures of Justin"...LOL! No, keep writing. we're enjoying all the details. By the way, do they serve iced tea- half sweet, half unsweet, w/ glass only filled halfway w/ ice?

9:45 AM  
Blogger Justin Gammon said...

Disregard the time. I'm 5 hours ahead out here I think.

Also ,regarding previous posts, I was supposedly moderating them, but I never got emails... so I turned moderation off.

... and "Ha-Ha" Jason. And "yes" I have hadthe tea... if by "half & half tea" you mean "beer" and by "halfway with ice" you mean "none."

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Mom said...

Tell about your work and workplace. Can't wait to hear it all in detail. Murray is adjusting. As a matter of fact she's pretty docile. Loves the dogs. Hates the cat! Keep the blogging coming. Hope to read more about Michael's adventures.

11:08 AM  
Anonymous jamie roxwell said...

Your eyeball fell out at your first party? Way to make an impression. Just tell them it's the newest trend in America. That should save you some face. Get it? "Save you some face"?

11:42 AM  
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